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21610 Atlantic Blvd, Sterling, VA, 20166

Today's Games
7:00 PM - Arsenal v Vazquez SA
7:00 PM - Sporting v Reiley's Rogues
7:55 PM - Orange v Huitlacoches
7:55 PM - San Sivar v Pisco Peru
7:55 PM - Cristal v Berserkers FC
8:50 PM - Old Men United v Toro City
8:50 PM - Penalty Box v Reston Peace
8:50 PM - Pitch FC v Manassas United
9:45 PM - Perfect Landscape v The Goat Herders
9:45 PM - Wolves v Falcons F.C
9:45 PM - Zing v Pumped Up Kids
10:40 PM - Just Us v CCFC
10:40 PM - DNFC Dopplegangers v Washington Center

Friday Coed Over-30 East
Friday Coed Over-30 West
Friday Men's Basketball
Friday Men's Over-40 Division 1
Friday Men's Over-40 Division 2
Friday Men's Over-40 Division 3
High School Boys Summer League 2016
Inline Hockey League BRONZE NORTH
Inline Hockey League BRONZE SOUTH
Inline Hockey League GOLD
Inline Hockey League SILVER
JV Boys Summer League 2016
Monday Coed Division 2
Monday Coed Division 3
Monday Coed Division 4
Monday Coed Division 5
Monday Women's Open
Sunday Men's Open Division
Sunday Men's Over-30 East
Sunday Men's Over-30 West
Sunday Women's Over-30 East
Sunday Women's Over-30 West
Thursday Men's Division 1
Thursday Men's Division 2
Thursday Men's Division 3
Thursday U-23 Men's
Tuesday Men's Open Division 1
Tuesday Men's Open Division 2
Tuesday Men's Over-35 Division 1
Tuesday Men's Over-35 Division 2
Tuesday Men's Over-50
U-10/11 Boys Summer League 2016
Wednesday Coed Division 2
Wednesday Coed Division 3
Wednesday Coed Division 4
Wednesday Coed Division 5

Suspension: Stephen Matragrano
7/1/2016 9:31 PM
2 game suspension. Slashing and Fighting. May return to play on July 10. 

Suspension: Christian Wilson
7/1/2016 9:28 PM
1 game suspension. Fighting. May return to play on July 10. 

May 24 Tuesday Men's Soccer Leagues
5/10/2016 2:02 PM

 Registration is open and spots are filling up for our May 24 Tuesday Men's Soccer Leagues! Has your team registered yet?  Don't miss your chance to play. Register in person at our facility, by phone at 703-430-9966 or online at the links below: 
Men's Open Division 

Men's Over-35 Division 1
Men's Over-35 Division 2
Men's Over-35 Division 3

Men's Over-50   Call us with any questions or to register! 

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