Field Sports at Sports Ohio
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Adult Basketball League Men's Competitive (3/23/14-5/18/14) Sundays
Adult Basketball League Men's Rec (3/25/14-5/13/14) Tuesdays
Adult Dodgeball League COED (3/19/14-5/7/14), Wednesdays
Adult Dodgeball League OPEN (3/19/14-5/7/14), Wednesdays
Adult Flag Football Indoor League (Men's Comp); 3/23/14-5/18/14 Sundays
Adult Flag Football Indoor League (Men's Rec); 3/24/14-5/12/14, Mondays
Adult Kickball Indoor League COED; 3/20/14-5/8/14 , Thursdays
Adult Volleyball Indoor League Rec Coed; 3/21/14-5/16/14 , Fridays
Adult Wiffle Ball Indoor League Rec 3/21/14-5/16/14 Fridays
Baseball Tee Ball League 3/29/14-5/24/14
Flag Football Winter Indoor League 2/9/14-4/6/14 (14U Division)

Registration Open!
9/11/2013 2:10 PM
Registration is now open for all fall and winter leagues and clinics.  Follow the links on the left for the programs you are looking for.