9U Miracle 2022    (June 2022)
9U Miracle 2022 Standings
  W  GP  RA  RS  L  T  W% Calendar Sync
Ohio Valley Jokers 22234001.000
North Pittsburgh Heat 22420001.000
West Hills 121117100.500
New Castle Storm 121614100.500
Monroeville U-9 122213100.500
Viking Baseball Club 9U 02229200.000
Rawling Tigers 02300200.000
League Players
1 Monroeville U-9 WILLIAM CATONE 
2 Monroeville U-9 WILLAIM CATONE 
3 Monroeville U-9 RJ CLEMONS 
4 Monroeville U-9 JULIEN DIBERNARDO 
5 Monroeville U-9 AUSTIN FARLEY 
6 Monroeville U-9 J.J. LONG 
7 Monroeville U-9 Anthony Long 
8 Monroeville U-9 Callan Morris 
9 Monroeville U-9 AARON MORRIS 
10 Monroeville U-9 LONG NIKKI 
11 Monroeville U-9 M POLLARD 
12 Monroeville U-9 ZACK POLLARD 
13 Monroeville U-9 Marcus Pollard 
14 Monroeville U-9 XAVIER WADE 
15 Monroeville U-9 DARREN WATT 
16 Monroeville U-9 COSTA WILLIAMS 
17 New Castle Storm Nick Courson 
18 New Castle Storm Caden Crawford 
19 New Castle Storm Brett Crawford 
20 New Castle Storm Nolan Dorr 
21 New Castle Storm Michael Dorr 
22 New Castle Storm Luca Fiore 
23 New Castle Storm Grayson Hall 
24 New Castle Storm Steven Hall 
25 New Castle Storm Blake Harper 
26 New Castle Storm Paul Malley 
27 New Castle Storm Declan McDonough 
28 New Castle Storm Bryan Piccirillo 
29 New Castle Storm Joseph Piccirillo 
30 New Castle Storm Connor Reamer 
31 New Castle Storm Rowan Richards 
32 New Castle Storm Alexander Richman 
33 New Castle Storm Joshua Richman 
34 North Pittsburgh Heat cameron abbott 
35 North Pittsburgh Heat Ethan Ahn 
36 North Pittsburgh Heat Grady Bohin 
37 North Pittsburgh Heat Brody Davidson 
38 North Pittsburgh Heat Michael Kelley 
39 North Pittsburgh Heat Peyton Patsy 
40 North Pittsburgh Heat Brian Quinn 
41 North Pittsburgh Heat Lorenzo Riccelli 
42 North Pittsburgh Heat Marco Sanz 
43 North Pittsburgh Heat Keegan Yeakel 
44 North Pittsburgh Heat Harry Yeakel 
45 Ohio Valley Jokers Colton Davis 
46 Ohio Valley Jokers Julian Diaz 
47 Ohio Valley Jokers Garrison Gessler 
48 Ohio Valley Jokers Cooper Graham 
49 Ohio Valley Jokers Auston Kilburn 
50 Ohio Valley Jokers Michael Mistovich 
51 Ohio Valley Jokers Beckham Mistovich 
52 Ohio Valley Jokers Salvatore Pittera 
53 Ohio Valley Jokers TOMMY Rice 
54 Ohio Valley Jokers Jeremiah Stiltner 
55 Ohio Valley Jokers Sy Stottlemyer 
56 Rawling Tigers Noah Bailey 
57 Rawling Tigers Xavier Bricker 
58 Rawling Tigers Ryland Brown 
59 Rawling Tigers Lincoln Garver 
60 Rawling Tigers AJ Geiger 
61 Rawling Tigers Hayden Good 
62 Rawling Tigers Jameson Hartz 
63 Rawling Tigers Tim Jones 
64 Rawling Tigers Hayden Josefczyk 
65 Rawling Tigers dawson merryman 
66 Rawling Tigers Tucker Sapienza 
67 Rawling Tigers Blake Schaffer 
68 Rawling Tigers Logan Stephens 
69 Rawling Tigers Warren Sullivan 
70 Rawling Tigers Wallace Sullivan 
71 Rawling Tigers Dalton Walter 
72 Viking Baseball Club 9U Ben Biggar 
73 Viking Baseball Club 9U Declan Biggar 
74 Viking Baseball Club 9U Nathan Boyer 
75 Viking Baseball Club 9U Tyler Boyer 
76 Viking Baseball Club 9U Logan Carpenter 
77 Viking Baseball Club 9U Ryan Carpenter 
78 Viking Baseball Club 9U Brayden Frantz 
79 Viking Baseball Club 9U Jack Hogan 
80 Viking Baseball Club 9U Oliver Monger 
81 Viking Baseball Club 9U Carter Sanders 
82 Viking Baseball Club 9U John Shireman 
83 Viking Baseball Club 9U Luke Shireman 
84 Viking Baseball Club 9U Cooper Sholly 
85 Viking Baseball Club 9U Ridge Umbenhauer 
86 Viking Baseball Club 9U Taven Zang 
87 West Hills Jack Buerkle 
88 West Hills Nico Calabria 
89 West Hills Brooks Callahan 
90 West Hills Mason Daubman 
91 West Hills Joao Devere 
92 West Hills Carson Dick 
93 West Hills Henry Dunn 
94 West Hills Henry Dunn 
95 West Hills Blake Kubit 
96 West Hills Keith Kubit 
97 West Hills Joshua Markovich 
98 West Hills Bryce Martin 
99 West Hills Tobe Resetar 
Tournament Details
League Type: PoolPlay
Demographic: Youth
Division: 9u
Sport: Baseball (Rules & Regulations)
Start Date: 6/25/2022
End Date: 6/26/2022
Status: Complete
Team Fee:
Other Fee Info:
More Info: When there is a tie, seeding may need to be manually updated