9U ALS 2022    (April 2022)
9U ALS 2022 Standings Print
  GP  W  L  T  W%  RA  RS Calendar Sync
Beaver Valley Red 22001.000236
Peters Township 22001.000331
Fennell Bros Express 21100.5001417
Hardcore Elite Red 21100.5002519
PA Playmakers 20110.000229
Bulls 20110.0002516
Rawlings Tigers 9u Bricker 20200.000381
League Players
1 Beaver Valley Red Brenden Bednarski 
2 Beaver Valley Red Landen Breese 
3 Beaver Valley Red Dominic DeRiggi 
4 Beaver Valley Red Aiden Dinger 
5 Beaver Valley Red Landon Hughey 
6 Beaver Valley Red Cole Kaufman 
7 Beaver Valley Red Dezmond Motton 
8 Beaver Valley Red Harrison Phillips 
9 Beaver Valley Red Dylan Roethlein 
10 Beaver Valley Red Cameron Sefchok 
11 Beaver Valley Red Brian Smith 
12 Beaver Valley Red Drake Vlosich 
13 Beaver Valley Red Jaxon Vrona 
14 Bulls Mason Clutter 
15 Bulls Chase Coughanour 
16 Bulls John Detwiler 
17 Bulls Hudson Eckenrode 
18 Bulls Bryan Bullpen Force 
19 Bulls Bryan Force 
20 Bulls Gavin Hudak 
21 Bulls Casen James 
22 Bulls Graham Mahaffey 
23 Bulls Chandler Neal 
24 Bulls Johnny Nelson 
25 Bulls Easton Smith 
26 Bulls Jace Smith 
27 Bulls Otto Stewart 
28 Fennell Bros Express Ethan Ahn 
29 Fennell Bros Express Tate Cwynar 
30 Fennell Bros Express Brody Davidson 
31 Fennell Bros Express Kayden Kelly 
32 Fennell Bros Express Will Klatt 
33 Fennell Bros Express Ethan Lewandowski 
34 Fennell Bros Express Preston Love 
35 Fennell Bros Express Preston Love 
36 Fennell Bros Express Ty May 
37 Fennell Bros Express Marco Sanz 
38 Fennell Bros Express Sam Slatcoff 
39 Fennell Bros Express Noah Wheeler 
40 Fennell Bros Express Derrick Wood 
41 Fennell Bros Express Keegan Yeakel 
42 Fennell Bros Express Harry Yeakel 
43 Hardcore Elite Red Michael Battalini 
44 Hardcore Elite Red Cooper Bauder 
45 Hardcore Elite Red Kyle Blinka 
46 Hardcore Elite Red Colton Blinka 
47 Hardcore Elite Red Harry Chirdon 
48 Hardcore Elite Red Ike Collins 
49 Hardcore Elite Red Jonathan George 
50 Hardcore Elite Red Graeme Gephart 
51 Hardcore Elite Red Matt Johnston 
52 Hardcore Elite Red Cam Johnston 
53 Hardcore Elite Red Alana Johnston 
54 Hardcore Elite Red Carson Mitchell 
55 Hardcore Elite Red Lorenzo Riccelli 
56 Hardcore Elite Red Michael Riccelli 
57 Hardcore Elite Red Mason Sieber 
58 Hardcore Elite Red Eli Vresko 
59 Hardcore Elite Red Rob Vresko 
60 Hardcore Elite Red Beau Wells 
61 Hardcore Elite Red Tommy Williams 
62 PA Playmakers Asher Danver 
63 PA Playmakers Kaden Emswiler 
64 PA Playmakers Todd Emswiler 
65 PA Playmakers Antonio Macri 
66 PA Playmakers Chaz Macri 
67 PA Playmakers Anthony Oliva 
68 PA Playmakers Finn Osborne 
69 PA Playmakers John Osborne 
70 PA Playmakers Chace Pascoe 
71 PA Playmakers Ashton Patton 
72 PA Playmakers Benson Puff 
73 PA Playmakers Jonathan Trott 
74 PA Playmakers Gavin Worley 
75 PA Playmakers Marco Yemma 
76 PA Playmakers Dan Yemma 
77 Peters Township Connor Brodzinski 
78 Peters Township Daniel Cheplic 
79 Peters Township Antonio DiAngelo 
80 Peters Township Jason Diangelo 
81 Peters Township Liam G 
82 Peters Township Jaxson Hall 
83 Peters Township Rocco Logero 
84 Peters Township Graeme Lynch 
85 Peters Township Davin McMillon 
86 Peters Township Connor Oakes 
87 Peters Township Jaxon Skala 
88 Peters Township Aaden Slagle 
89 Peters Township Lincoln Wilson 
90 Rawlings Tigers 9u Bricker Noah Bailey 
91 Rawlings Tigers 9u Bricker Xavier Bricker 
92 Rawlings Tigers 9u Bricker Hayden Good 
93 Rawlings Tigers 9u Bricker Jameson Hartz 
94 Rawlings Tigers 9u Bricker Tim Jones 
95 Rawlings Tigers 9u Bricker Hayden Josefczyk 
96 Rawlings Tigers 9u Bricker dawson merryman 
97 Rawlings Tigers 9u Bricker Tucker Sapienza 
98 Rawlings Tigers 9u Bricker Blake Schaffer 
99 Rawlings Tigers 9u Bricker Logan Stephens 
100 Rawlings Tigers 9u Bricker Warren Sullivan 
101 Rawlings Tigers 9u Bricker Wallace Sullivan 
Tournament Details
League Type: PoolPlay
Demographic: Youth
Division: 9u
Sport: Baseball (Rules & Regulations)
Start Date: 4/30/2022
End Date: 5/1/2022
Status: Complete
Team Fee:
Other Fee Info:
More Info: When there is a tie, seeding may need to be manually updated