10U Miracle 2022    (June 2022)
10U Miracle 2022 Standings
  W  GP  RA  RS  L  T  W% Calendar Sync
Goon Squad Casper 22828001.000
West Hills 221829001.000
Prime North Baseball 122121100.500
New Castle Storm 122221100.500
Steel City Select 122413100.500
Rawlings Tigers 10u Walsh 022413200.000
Super Swing 023022200.000
League Players
1 Goon Squad Casper Brayden Casper 
2 Goon Squad Casper Corey Casper 
3 Goon Squad Casper Nico Curl 
4 Goon Squad Casper Vinny Esposito 
5 Goon Squad Casper Marcus Fallon 
6 Goon Squad Casper Nathan Gilkey 
7 Goon Squad Casper Cameron Lavery 
8 Goon Squad Casper Jude Olayer 
9 Goon Squad Casper Lawson Petett 
10 Goon Squad Casper Giovanni Riccelli 
11 Goon Squad Casper Parker Smith 
12 New Castle Storm Chase Argiro 
13 New Castle Storm Matt Argiro 
14 New Castle Storm Gino Barberio 
15 New Castle Storm Camren Boydell 
16 New Castle Storm Randall DeJohn 
17 New Castle Storm Maxwell Gothe 
18 New Castle Storm Braydon Jones 
19 New Castle Storm Tj Kelly 
20 New Castle Storm Hunter Kelly 
21 New Castle Storm Thomas Kelly 
22 New Castle Storm Paul Malley 
23 New Castle Storm Nicholas Micco 
24 New Castle Storm Henry Pardick 
25 New Castle Storm Travis Rogan 
26 New Castle Storm Travis F. Rogan 
27 New Castle Storm Grayson Thomas 
28 New Castle Storm Reece Vankirk 
29 Prime North Baseball Andrew Cardot 
30 Prime North Baseball Austin Cross 
31 Prime North Baseball Mason Dennis 
32 Prime North Baseball Connor Drechsler 
33 Prime North Baseball Al Drechsler 
34 Prime North Baseball Cameron Gage 
35 Prime North Baseball Keegan Johnson 
36 Prime North Baseball Brody Meyers 
37 Prime North Baseball August Murgillo 
38 Prime North Baseball Anthony Murgillo 
39 Prime North Baseball Augie Murgillo 
40 Prime North Baseball KARSON PRICE 
41 Prime North Baseball John Starwald 
42 Prime North Baseball Logan Starwald 
43 Prime North Baseball Hudson Tallo 
44 Rawlings Tigers 10u Walsh Aidan Aftanas 
45 Rawlings Tigers 10u Walsh Connor Brown 
46 Rawlings Tigers 10u Walsh Owen Brown 
47 Rawlings Tigers 10u Walsh Kortez Brown 
48 Rawlings Tigers 10u Walsh Cam Chiarelli 
49 Rawlings Tigers 10u Walsh Tyler Garrone 
50 Rawlings Tigers 10u Walsh Fiori Garrone 
51 Rawlings Tigers 10u Walsh Tim Jones 
52 Rawlings Tigers 10u Walsh Carter Pastoor 
53 Rawlings Tigers 10u Walsh Noah Ramsey 
54 Rawlings Tigers 10u Walsh Nicholas Reno 
55 Rawlings Tigers 10u Walsh Brayden Walsh 
56 Rawlings Tigers 10u Walsh Austin Wilson 
57 Rawlings Tigers 10u Walsh Austin Wilson 
58 Steel City Select Nick Benson 
59 Steel City Select Jacob Benson 
60 Steel City Select Braydon Bumbaco 
61 Steel City Select Tino Cuomo 
62 Steel City Select Ralph Deabrunzzo 
63 Steel City Select Matt Diesel 
64 Steel City Select Mateo Farfan 
65 Steel City Select Hayden Gronsky 
66 Steel City Select Braydon McConnell 
67 Steel City Select Haley Piatt 
68 Steel City Select Maxx Putteman 
69 Steel City Select Anthony Razzano 
70 Steel City Select Cameron Rihn 
71 Steel City Select Parker Rimbach 
72 Steel City Select Jackson Tannehill 
73 Steel City Select Vincent Waters 
74 Steel City Select Lauren Waters 
75 Steel City Select Vincent Waters 
76 Super Swing Bryce Balzano 
77 Super Swing Sutton Bilger 
78 Super Swing Chase Brown 
79 Super Swing Eli Brown 
80 Super Swing Karson Burton 
81 Super Swing Cole Conrad 
82 Super Swing Liam Divido 
83 Super Swing Clint Divido 
84 Super Swing Jonathan Holtz 
85 Super Swing Oliver Holtz 
86 Super Swing Kael McGary 
87 Super Swing Harrison Rupert 
88 Super Swing William Subich 
89 Super Swing Greg Vukovcan 
90 West Hills Drew Adams 
91 West Hills Logan Ansell 
92 West Hills Colton Armstrong 
93 West Hills Nicole Banner- Tremel 
94 West Hills Jack Buerkle 
95 West Hills Tanner Cherin 
96 West Hills Maddox Colbert 
97 West Hills Cameron Cumblidge 
98 West Hills Jeff Daubman 
99 West Hills Jacob Daubman 
100 West Hills James Donohue 
101 West Hills Jimmy Donohue 
102 West Hills Shane Graham 
103 West Hills Jaxson Hutton 
104 West Hills Caden Maslyk 
105 West Hills Brody Myers 
106 West Hills Brody Resetar 
107 West Hills Mason Santamaria 
108 West Hills Benjamin Tremel 
109 West Hills John Tremel 
110 West Hills Andrew Tremel 
Tournament Details
League Type: PoolPlay
Demographic: Youth
Division: 10U
Sport: Baseball (Rules & Regulations)
Start Date: 6/25/2022
End Date: 6/26/2022
Status: Complete
Team Fee:
Other Fee Info:
More Info: When there is a tie, seeding may need to be manually updated