11U JDRF Tournament 2022    (October 2022)
11U JDRF Tournament 2022 Standings Print
  GP  W  L  T  W%  RA  RS Calendar Sync
Sting Elite 22001.000926
Flood City 21100.500915
Jokers Baseball Club 21100.5001413
Peters twp travel 21100.5001828
Canes 21100.5002619
Upper St. Clair 20200.000294
League Players
1 Canes Levi Beacom 
2 Canes Ian Beal 
3 Canes Daniel Beal 
4 Canes Jimmy Hastings 
5 Canes Brian Lamfrom 
7 Canes Mason Lickenfelt 
8 Canes Colin Mannetti 
9 Canes Nolan Martin 
10 Canes Phallen Olinger 
11 Canes Gavin Owens 
12 Canes Archer Rothermel 
13 Flood City Owen Blucas 
14 Flood City Mike Flood City Finley 
15 Flood City Koby Kehn 
16 Flood City Chase Lyzbicki 
17 Flood City Ian Stiffler 
18 Jokers Baseball Club Milano Ammirante 
19 Jokers Baseball Club Lex Baugh 
20 Jokers Baseball Club Adam Brothers 
21 Jokers Baseball Club Kage Danison 
22 Jokers Baseball Club Brody Dimmick 
23 Jokers Baseball Club Daniel Dimmick 
24 Jokers Baseball Club Carlo Fuscardo 
25 Jokers Baseball Club Channing Garrett 
26 Jokers Baseball Club Teddy Gorman 
27 Jokers Baseball Club Chase Kuhn 
28 Jokers Baseball Club Drew Merry 
29 Jokers Baseball Club Aven Porrini 
30 Jokers Baseball Club Jase Ritchey 
31 Jokers Baseball Club Major Snively 
32 Jokers Baseball Club Troy Stambush 
33 Peters twp travel Dominic Caruso 
34 Peters twp travel Bryce Celedonia 
35 Peters twp travel Lucas Copeland 
36 Peters twp travel Dominic Fabic 
37 Peters twp travel Owen Ferko 
38 Peters twp travel Harrison MacCartney 
39 Peters twp travel Riley McLaughlin 
40 Peters twp travel Ben Quealy 
41 Peters twp travel Mason Scheiring 
42 Peters twp travel John Snyder 
43 Peters twp travel James Snyder 
44 Peters twp travel Declan Wicker 
45 Sting Elite Ryder Alfer 
46 Sting Elite Adam Alfer 
47 Sting Elite Jax Blackwell 
48 Sting Elite Domenic Diulus 
49 Sting Elite Joey Emanuele 
50 Sting Elite Hunter Fabrizi 
51 Sting Elite Jaycob Gibala 
52 Sting Elite Colten Moses 
53 Sting Elite Gib Pohodich 
54 Sting Elite Nico Rubbe 
55 Sting Elite Jacob Struth 
56 Sting Elite Jacob Struth 
57 Sting Elite Aydin Williams 
58 Upper St. Clair Joey Buck 
59 Upper St. Clair Anthony Chimino 
60 Upper St. Clair Ryan Cimarolli 
61 Upper St. Clair Adam El Nokali 
62 Upper St. Clair michael goettler 
63 Upper St. Clair Michael Goettler 
64 Upper St. Clair Preston Hoffman 
65 Upper St. Clair Xavier Hopkins 
66 Upper St. Clair Christopher Hopkins 
67 Upper St. Clair Ryan Kimble 
68 Upper St. Clair Robert Kimble 
69 Upper St. Clair Jameson Locke 
70 Upper St. Clair Peter Mitchell 
71 Upper St. Clair Cole West 
72 Upper St. Clair Charlie Young 
Tournament Details
League Type: PoolPlay
Demographic: Youth
Division: 11U
Sport: Baseball (Rules & Regulations)
Start Date: 10/1/2022
End Date: 10/2/2022
Status: Complete
Team Fee:
Other Fee Info:
More Info: When there is a tie, seeding may need to be manually updated