2023-2024 Adult Soccer Leagues-2024 Winter B Thursday Coed Recreational 9v9 Soccer League

The Dirty Dozen
Chilly Pepperz
Blue Ballers
Elma FC
The Dark Knights
Jamison Blues
Sons Of Pitches
WNY United
Green Devils
Kolsch Goblins
Hakuna Matata
Raw Bread
Red Bulls Reloaded


Thu, 3/7/2024
6:15 PM - The Dark Knights v Raw Bread
7:10 PM - WNY United v Green Devils
8:05 PM - Hakuna Matata v Elma FC
9:00 PM - The Dirty Dozen v Chilly Pepperz
9:00 PM - Margaritas v Sons Of Pitches
9:00 PM - Red Bulls Reloaded v Kolsch Goblins