Soccerdome II
7447 Shipley Ave., Harmans, MD, 21077

Today's Games
6:00 PM - Spartans FC v Wolf Gang Gang
6:00 PM - Old School v Sun Milk
7:00 PM - Lisa's Peeps v Baltimore United
7:00 PM - Blue Machine v Kids see Ghost
8:00 PM - Water Boys v Net Six and Chill
8:00 PM - Galacticos v Tigres
9:00 PM - Boner Donor v Galaxy
9:00 PM - The Misfits v Mcjovenes

Fri Moms D2
Fri Moms D3/D4
Friday Moms D2
Friday Moms D3/D4
Mon Mens Open 1st div
Mon Mens Open 2nd div
Mon Mens Open 3rd div
Sat Mens Open 2nd I div
Sat Mens Open 2nd II div
Sat Mens Open Super Liga
Sun Coed Open 3rd Gold div
Sun Coed Open 3rd Silver div
Sun Coed Open 4th Eagles div
Sun Coed Open 4th Eagles div
Sun Coed Open 4th United div
Thurs Mens Over 35s 1st div
Thurs Mens Over 35s 2nd div
Thurs Mens Over 35s 3rd div
Tues Coed Open 2nd div
Tues Coed Open 3rd div
Wed Coed Open 3rd div
Wed Coed Open 4th Eagles div
Wed Coed Open 4th United div
Wed Womans Open 2nd div

Winter Weather: 12/8 Youth games are postponed
12/8/2013 11:06 AM
Update 11am: Youth games for the rest of today are postponed due to winter weather. We will contact teams to reschedule during make up days. 

Start of Winter Session 1 Youth Leagues
11/22/2013 3:00 PM
Our Winter I Youth Leagues start this weekend and we have a few helpful reminders to ensure a smooth start to your indoor season.
If you have not submitted or completed your roster/waiver form, we suggest you do so prior to arriving for your first game. This will facilitate the process of collecting parent signatures and rushing through filling out the form.  Click here for the formFull payment will be due prior to the start of your game. Please arrive early to satisfy any outstanding balancePlayers may only play on one team. Players are not allowed to play on multiple teams, diferent divisions or age groups. Please make sure players have appropriate equipment. No cleats are allowed, only turf or indoor shoes. Shinguards are requiredSchedules for all teams are available online. Feel free to distribute to players/parents.We look forward to an extremely fun and competitive winter season at SoccerDome. Please let us know if you have any questions!