BRP Adult (18 and over) Rules: Roster Guidelines
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 4:36 PM


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   • Roster Sheets should be printed out from the front page of the Bridgeville Rollerplex website and completed within seven (7) days after registration. NO EXCEPTIONS. Teams that fail to provide the Rollerplex with a completed roster may lose their spot (w/ refund) to a team on the Waiting List. We also reserve the right to place the team in a higher Division than the one requested if roster is not submitted promptly.

   •  Teams are required to have at least one (1) representative join our Facebook Group: BRP Waiver Wire. This will help in the event that you need a goalie to fill in, or have a goalie who would like to fill in for another team, etc...

   •  When registering, please let us know which Division you'd like to be in (beginner / intermediate / advanced). We rank all of the teams and break down the Divisions accordingly. We will do our best to work with you if your team needs to be in a different Division.

   • Each Team Roster will consist of a maximum of fifteen (15) SKATERS, plus at least one (1) GOALIE. Of the fifteen skaters, only twelve may play in a game at a time. Expanding rosters spots to fifteen allows teams to arrange for subs to fill in more easily. All fifteen players listed on the roster, however, will count towards a team's power rankings when the Divisions are built.

   • Each Team Roster will have a minimum of six (6) SKATERS, plus at least one (1) GOALIE.

   • Every Team must have a Captain and Co-Captain. These players are responsible for providing the Rollerplex with accurate contact information.

   • Team Captains are also responsible for:

             • Collecting League fees from teammates to pay as a team;
             • Communicating with game officials during games;
             • Submitting Team Roster before first game; within 7 days after registration.

    * All  rosters are set by the 5th Game! (No more roster changes). This is your play-off roster! 

    • Any Team that attempts to play with someone not listed on the Official Roster will face a possible forfeit, as well as a suspension for the team captain.

   •  All Roster requests must be emailed to two (2) days BEFORE the next game. Additions are not automatic once the Divisions are set, and requests may be denied. We do not accept day-of-game additions to rosters. People who drive out to the Bridgeville Rollerplex will be turned away, and not permitted to play. CAPTAINS, make sure you communicate with the Rollerplex when looking to make roster changes.
    • A Player must play in at least five (5) regular season games in order to be eligible for playoffs. As a courtesy, players who have fewer than five games, yet who DON'T have ejections or suspensions within the season will be granted eligibility after the team's tenth game has been played.

   • No Player that plays in NORTH Puck may play in the Deep South Ball or Puck Divisions.

   • If a Player is over the age of 50 he/she can be on muliple teams in any division.

   • Teams may use a non-rostered, league registered Goalie at any time during the regular season, as long as they are within their division or lower. During the playoffs, all teams must use only rostered Goalies that have played at least one (1) game for their team. Contact the facility for approval if a fill-in goalie is requested.


   • The Bridgeville Rollerplex devotes resources to keeping individual statistics.

   • Since the officials are asked to watch so much of the action going on, the players themselves are ultimately responsible for confirming who is involved in a given scoring play. In the event that an incorrect # is thought to have scored (or assisted), the player can, as a courtesy, call out the numbers, or speak to the scorekeeper immediately after the game to discuss stats.

   • The Rollerplex takes stats seriously, and gets them right much of the time. If, however, teams desire 100% accuracy, they are STRONGLY encouraged to manage their own website, documenting their teams' history and performance. Stats like goals, assists, etc can then be tabulated by the Captain in the locker room or at his/her convenience.

   •  Players who are ejected from a game will not have their scoring stats recorded. If a game is called early for any reason, the scoring stats from that game will not be recorded.

   •  Players who receive suspensions, and who are abusive toward the staff, officials, or other players may have their scoring stats removed from the BRP Website.

   • The only time statistics can be changed is as stated above. Please do not contact the Rollerplex/Staff during the week. Once the day's games are uploaded to our website, all tallies are final. The only exception is if the final score of the game itself has been entered incorrectly.

Please see GAMEPLAY/EQUIPMENT for further information