BRP Adult (18 and over) Rules/Penalties/Suspension
Sunday, October 13, 2013 6:57 PM


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Addendum to the Official Rules of USA Roller Sports

   •  The Bridgeville Rollerplex features RECREATIONAL Inline Hockey. Our Leagues are competitive, however, we require our Players to have an “Easy Going” mentality.  Nonsense and out-of-control Players are not welcome and subject to removal by the officials or staff. The BRP doesn't give out trophies, nor do we award scoring leaders. At the end of each season we'll give the Division Champs a token of our appreciation, usually in the form of a T-Shirt, waterbottle, golf towel, etc.

   •  BRP has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on fighting, verbal or physical abuse towards Referees, Players, Spectators, or Staff.  If you go there, it could definitely lead to suspension and/or LIFETIME SUSPENSION.

   •  Damage to the facility will result in a suspension, in addition to the person having to pay for the repairs. Breaking a tile when slamming one's stick will cost the player $20, which will have to be paid before they are allowed to use the facility.

    •  The throwing of a punch, among other things, regardless of the situation at hand, constitutes a fight.

   •  Any Player who engages in a fight will receive a major penalty, a game misconduct, and be thrown out.

   •  Any Player who leaves the bench or penalty box during a fight will receive a game misconduct, a suspension, and your Team is subject to forfeiture.



   •  Attempting to start or invite a fight outside in the parking lot, etc., will result in a suspension. If you go there with an argument, the staff will report it and you will not be permitted to use the facility.

   •  Under normal circumstances the Captain of the suspended player’s team will be notified of suspension within three (3) days of incident by the Bridgeville Rollerplex' Head Official.

   •  Suspended Players are not allowed on the premises during their suspension.  This includes playing for more than one team, coaching, rentals or spectating!  Anyone trying to use/attend the Bridgeville Rollerplex during their suspension time will serve a longer ban.

   •  Suspensions can carry over into the next season(s).

   •  A player who commits three (3) penalties in a game will be ejected from the game & may be subject to suspension based on the types of penalties committed. Players who 3-Penalty out multiple times in a calendar year may receive additional suspension time. Ejected players lose all stats, as well as game credit for that game, which could effect Playoff eligibility.

   •  Ejected Players must leave the premises promptly. Failing to do so may result in a suspension (in addition to any other suspensions handed down). Ejected Players also lose their Game-Played credit for thast game, which could effect their Playoff Eligibility. 

    •  Delayed penalties are still counted on the score sheet for the purpose of the 3-penalty game misconduct rule.

   •  If an accidental high-stick occurs which injures the opposing player, the offending player will receive a 4-minute double minor penalty. If the referee determines intent to injure, a 5-min major and game misconduct (with possible suspension) will be assessed.

   •  If a team is to forfeit their game, it will go on record as a 8 - 0 loss for them. Captains, please do your best to notify the Rollerplex in advance if you know your team won't be able to make the game.  If your team is a no show/no call forfeit your team will be charged $60, due before you play your next game.  THIS IS ONLY FOR A NO SHOW/NO CALL forfeit. Call 412- 221 -7111 and leave a detailed message. If your team has a forfeit we ask you call 2 hours before your game in order for us to contact the other team.  

   •  The clock does not always stop, nor will the game always be delayed for goalie and/or player equipment issues. If possible, the player must go to the bench, use a timeout, or take a delay of game penalty.

   •  If a player's helmet comes off during the play, he or she must immediately put it back on. If they attempt to continue the play without it, the play will be blown dead, and they may be assessed a delay of game penalty.

   •  Players are required to wear their helmets during warmups, as well as on the bench during gameplay. If the ball or puck is in play, HELMETS MUST BE ON. They can be taken off in between whistles and periods, etc. If the Officials ask you to put your helmet on more than once in a game, you may be assessed a bench penalty for Delay of Game. It's for your own safety, as, pucks go out of play regularly. If you're overheating to the point of needing to constantly remove your helmet, come off of the playing surface and cool down.


   •  WARNING:  Abuse of Officials is NOT TOLERATED at the Bridgeville Rollerplex. Penalties and game suspensions will be awarded. Captains or Alternate Captains can talk to Referees at a time that doesn't halt the game. We understand that players may be frustrated with calls / non-calls, however, we ask everyone to manage their frustration in a way that's consistent with an Adult Recreational League game. We ask the players called for a penalty to voice their disagreement but then go to the penalty box to serve their time.

   •  Officials are not required to give explanations of penalty calls during Period Play. Captains may ask for clarification BETWEEN PERIODS or after the game.


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