Friday, November 11, 2022 6:02 PM

Hello Parents/Coaches

Season starts for some teams today so I wanted to go ahead and go over some stuff

1)Zero Tolerance Policy: That means nothing towards my refs please. They are human and will make mistakes. We will kick out a parent, coach or even a team before we get rid of a ref. We are down to very few. Don’t contribute to this deficit. 

2) It’s either hot or cold. We know. Please remember and remind your parents. WE KNOW. We’re battling 106 degrees and sometimes it drops to extreme cold weather. Essentially our buildings are shops and even with 3-4 AC’s/Heaters it’s hot  or cold and it’s tough to maintain the freshness/warmth. We are at least out of the elements and doing all we can to make it comfortable for everyone. Maybe one day we’ll make enough to remodel and upgrade. PLEASE DRESS THE KIDDOS ACCORDINGLY!

3) Games are back to back meaning no warm up time is given on the field before hand. We do have a very big outdoor grass field to warm up on though. Please feel free to use that one only for warm ups (no practices unless you rent it via Janet) We are very blessed to have such a high amount of teams but this limits us in game space. 

4) I am still working on the schedule and trying to accommodate all no play dates. Please keep in mind, some have a lot of no play dates.  This will lead into me having to extend games into Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays Along with Friday - Sunday. Thank you for understanding! 

5)Last season we allowed guest players as to avoid forfeits and I think it worked out well. 

So here are the rules for such. 



Player must be approved by me beforehand via text with name and date of birth and a receipt must be acquired. Please do not play a player who has not been paid for or registered. 

If this rule is not followed, I do reserve the right to remove the use of guest players for that team. 


6)You can add players at any time throughout the season to your roster so long as it’s before semifinals and finals, and they must be of the age group and must be registered/paid before they play. 

7)Players can play on multiple teams so long as they are registered/paid for each team. 

8) Players must wear shinguards. They can wear either turf or indoor shoes, or soccer cleats (please make sure they are not baseball or football cleats) 

9)Very important: NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGE. Even with the multiple signs we still have people wanting to enter and get mad when we tell them. Players can take in their refillable water jugs only. 

10) Medals are given at the end only to 1st and 2nd place

Remember this is not the Olympics. Let the kids enjoy themselves and enjoy this beautiful game!!!


From my family to yours, 

Thank you for joining us this season!!!!!